Forensic psychology

Forensic psychology is a field of psychology known as the implementation of psychological principles into the legal system and the criminal behaviour. In this training you will be given a case in which you will have the opportunity to apply

Investigative psychology

Investigative Psychology is a new area of psychology, applied in criminal and civil investigation processes. Although the discipline extends to any area that may be needed of investigation, it is mostly known to be applied in police services. In this

Criminal psychology

Criminal psychology is the field of psychology through which are studied criminal and delinquent behaviours. A psychologist working upon this field is trying to understand the behaviours, thoughts, and emotions of the individuals committing or attempting to commit a crime.

Delinquency of the everyday life

In this unit are developed four main delinquency behaviours’ topics: the topic of bullying, the topic of domestic abuse, the topic of internet-related offenses, and finally the topic or work-related offenses. For each of these topics are analyzed the offenders’


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