Ms Simela (Melina) Sidiropoulou is mental health professional, with bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Sheffield, Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation from the University of Liverpool, and specialization in Criminal Psychology from National and Kapodestrian University of Athens. In 2016, she expanded her specialization in Organizational Delinquency from IACET.

Since 2012, she is employed in correctional institutions in Greece and abroad, but also to litigation in Greece and abroad as an expert consultant. She is scientific associate to the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens since 2014, and she teaches as a College Lecturer in Thessaloniki since 2012.

Her research interests are the crime prevention methods, the crime investigation strategies, as well as organizational delinquency.

Ms Sidiropoulou is member of the Center for Crime Studies. Her articles are published both in scientific journals and in related professional sectors’ magazines, such as the Police Review.